Live Motion Pictures Entertainment.

LMPE Company is a comprehensive entertainment company consisting of a live entertainment production, broadcasting program business that produces and supplies video contents such as movies, dramas, and M/Vs, and an overseas agency business that distributes and supplies world class entertainment to overseas globally.

LMPE  Shaping Entertainment Worldwide

With a rich legacy of over two decades of expert networking, we passionately bring forth exceptional international content to captivate audiences worldwide, while exporting our own content to enrich global audiences.

Global Partnership

At LMPE COMPANY, we are internationally collaborating to mark a new era in the world of entertainment. We are proud to be a part of the global entertainment brand, PULP LIVE WORLD, based in the Philippines, and to introduce our partnership as PULP KOREA. Together, these two global powerhouses are joining forces to create something truly extraordinary.

LMPE COMPANY has always been committed to delivering top-tier entertainment experiences. We've curated unforgettable events, concerts, and cultural experiences that have left audiences in awe. PULP LIVE WORLD, on the other hand, has an illustrious history of bringing the biggest names in the global entertainment industry to fans worldwide. With PULP LIVE WORLD's extensive network and LMPE COMPANY's deep understanding of the Korean entertainment landscape, this collaboration is a fusion of excellence like no other.